If your complaint addresses one or more of the issues identified below, you may use the complaint process available in any of the following policies and administrative regulations (AR):

Discrimination or harassment on any basis protected by law: Board Policy AC, AC-AR

Sexual harassment (staff) : Board policy GBN, GBN-AR

Sexual harassment (student): Board policy JBA, JBA-AR

Sexual Harassment - Policy GBN/JBA

Sexual conduct with a student: Board policy JHFF, JHFF-AR

Instructional resources or instructional materials: Board policy IIA, IIA-AR

Complaints regarding the Talented and Gifted Program (TAG): Board policy IGBBC, IGBBC-AR

Violations of Division 22 standards, restraint or seclusion or retaliation as defined in ORS 659.852: Board Policy KL, KL-AR(2)

Complaints regarding school personnel: Board policy KL, KL-AR(1)

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