Not able to get admitted into the Team meetings. Make sure you are using the Teams app and not Teams via the Chrome Browser. If you are only able to use the Chrome Browser for Teams because your Chromebook does not support Google Play Store. Request the Teacher ask you to "Request to Join".

Information Technology

The goal of Information Technology (IT) at Sutherlin School District is to put technology in the hands of students so they become better learners and teachers when using technology in the classroom and at home.


Known Issues

CTL J2/J4 (Black) Models: 

Teams on the Chrome Browser crashes when joining a Team Conference. 

Solution: Use the Teams pinned application located on the bottom of the taskbar.

CTL NL6 (White) and Samsung XE303C12 (Grey): 

The Teams app is not pinned to the taskbar. These model of Chromebooks do not support Google Play store; therefore cannot install the Teams app. 

Solution: Launch Teams through the chrome browser. 

Google and Microsoft accounts are now one and THE same.

All students at Sutherlin School District will have access to Google Education products and Microsoft Products.

  • Students will be able to login into google.com and office.com with the same account and password.
  • Staff and Students will use Microsoft Teams for communication and conferencing.
  • Google Education applications will be used by Teachers and Students to distribute curriculum, assignments and to turn in homework.

Technical Issues

If you're an enrolled student at Sutherlin School District and you are unable to access your Microsoft or Google account.

Please send an email to:  techhelp@sutherlin.k12.or.us

Subject: Login issue

  • Student First name and Last name
  • Grade
  • Contact number
  • Description of the issue
  • A staff member will contact you to assist.