Sutherlin School District Needs Assessment Input

As part of the implementation of the Student Success Act (HB 3427), the Sutherlin School District is conducting a needs assessment. We want to gather broad-based input on what is working and what needs improvement in Sutherlin. The District's needs assessment is required to be submitted to the Department of Education by November 1st and will be the foundation for creating the District's grant application for the funds from the Student Success Act.

What follows are a few open ended questions that we hope you will take some time to give thought to and provide us with input that can be incorporated into the District's needs assessment. There are two questions and then a few questions for organizational and demographic purposes.

Thank you again for taking the time to provide valuable input, it is greatly appreciated.

Organizational & Demographic Information

Thank you for providing input in the previous section. This section asks a few organizational and demographic questions. All questions are OPTIONAL but your responses will help to tell us how broadly we have engaged our community. If you are completing this survey as a summary of a group discussion please check all boxes that apply to your group.

Your Role/Relationship with the District
How would you best describe your race/ethnicity? (Select all boxes that apply.)
Would you describe yourself or your student as fitting into one or more of the following categories? (You can select more than one.)
Through what event or circumstance are you completing this form?

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