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Parents Guide to Microsoft Office 365

Sutherlin School District provides enrolled students grades 6-12 with Microsoft Office 365 accounts. Microsoft Office 365 portal provides access to all Microsoft Office 365 applications, which includes the following apps

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms, Teams, SharePoint, Stream, Outlook (email) and more.

Students can access their Microsoft Office 365 online account using their assigned school Microsoft Active Directory username and password ( Account used to login into the computers in the lab or in the library). When logging into office.com to access the Microsoft O365 apps you will need to add our school domain to your username.


username: jdoe

Online access will require you to use the following username.

username: jdoe@sutherlin.k12.or.us

Sutherlin High School students are the primary users of Microsoft Applications and in some cases, teachers may create assignments that require users to use Microsoft Applications.

Student accounts are available to students as long as they are enrolled at Sutherlin School District.

Students having issues logging into their Google account email techhelp@sutherlin.k12.or.us in the email include the following.

Firstname, Lastname, and contact number.