Talented and Gifted

The Oregon Talented and Gifted Act, which was passed by the legislature in 1987, requires school districts to identify and serve both intellectually gifted and academically talented students in grades K12. The Act was revised in 1995, and Administrative Rules were rewritten. Sutherlin School District has established policies and procedures for implementing these rules. Our goal is to provide appropriate programs and services that will meet the diverse needs of our gifted and talented students. We share the vision of the National Association for Gifted Children in our desire to maximize each student’s individual potential.

Sutherlin School District identifies students in the categories of Academic Talents and Intellectual Gifts. Those identified as Academically Talented have shown specific abilities in either reading or math.

Intellectually Gifted students have demonstrated unusual capabilities in mental reasoning. Identification is based on multiple criteria that call for objective and subjective data. Additional information must be gathered and may include referral forms, classroom test scores, work samples, observational checklists, and anecdotal records. No single test score, measure, or piece of evidence shall be the sole criterion for the identification or shall prevent students from being identified.

Because of the unique learning needs of students with exceptional abilities, a differentiated program is necessary. Differentiation may take the form of:

  accelerating the pace of instruction;

  raising the instructional level;

  increasing the complexity of the content;

  modifying the product required of the student; and/or

  varying the process by which the student acquires knowledge.

Usually, a combination of these modifications is appropriate. The classroom teacher is responsible for assuring that the learning needs of Talented and Gifted students are met. Teachers use formal and informal assessments to provide the basis for the differentiation of the curriculum. For more information, contact your school’s TAG Liaison or the Student Services Director, Debbie Foley, at Sutherlin School District Office, 459-2228.

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