Integrated Guidance

Please join us on Monday, February 13th, for our monthly school board meeting. The new plan, called Integrated Guidance, will be shared with the public and school board.  Community input is welcome and encouraged. Integrated Guidance combines six current grant programs into one plan. 

The purpose of our presentation is to: 

To share what was prioritized in the plan, given the range of inputs

To explain how the plan was developed 

To hear additional feedback on the plan now that it has been developed

To seek board approval

Summary of the Program Purpose:

High School Success (HSS) - Systems to improve graduation rates and college/career readiness.

Student Investment Account (SIA) - To meet students’ mental health and behavioral needs and increase academic achievement/reduce disparities for student focal groups. 

Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP) - A process involving educator collaboration, data analysis, professional learning, and reflection - toward improved outcomes for students and especially students experiencing disparity.  

Career and Technical Education - Perkins V (CTE) - Improving access and participation in education and training programs that prepare learners for high-wage, high-skill, in-demand careers. 

Early Indicator and Intervention System (EIIS) - The development of a data collection and analysis system in which educators collaborate to identify support for students.

Every Day Matters - (EDM) - Embedded across the five other programs, focusing on student engagement, school culture, climate/safety & culturally sustaining pedagogy. 

Our Plan:

  • Continue to improve graduation rates for all students. 
  • Increase both capacity and enrollment in CTE programs that provide career-specific training.

  • Increase access to a well-rounded education program across K-12 classrooms

  • Continue to build positive relationships and communication channels with our families and community. 

  • Our intended outcomes are:
    • Increase Graduation Rates
    • Increase District ELA and Math achievement data 
    • Increase a sense of belonging at school for all students
    • Improve attendance rates to pre-pandemic levels