Updated re-opening plan for 2020-2021 school year. Please understand that our re-opening plan is subject to change due to Covid-19 County and State Metrics we are required to meet. Thank you for your patience, Go Bulldogs!
8 months ago, Sutherlin School District
Updated re-opening plan page 1
Updated re-opening plan page 2
Sutherlin School District recently mailed out letters to parents that included Activation Keys to register re-enrolling students online. Here is a short video that will walk parents through the account activation process. Sutherlin School District ParentVue account activation. https://youtu.be/Vz9rv8VOV8w If you have already registered your student online. No need to do anything further. If you have not received your letter by the end of the week please give a call. Thank you, Go Bulldogs!
9 months ago, Sutherlin School District
Considering Homeschooling this fall?
9 months ago, Sutherlin School District
Homeschooling flyer
Sutherlin School District 2020-2021 Online Registration video demo for re-enrolling students. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elrAPbBGprQ The 2020-2021 Online Registration link will be available August 3rd 2020 visit us at www.sutherlin.k12.or.us
9 months ago, Sutherlin School District
Draft fall re-opening plan
9 months ago, Miguel A. Carrillo
Draft fall re-opening plans
Attention Sutherlin Families: Per the state government mandate, all persons over the age twelve are required to wear face masks in business and public areas. We ask that you please keep this in mind while visiting any school buildings including the District Office. This includes anyone over the age of 12 picking up lunches at West Intermediate. Also try to maintain social distancing throughout your daily activities. We want to keep our community safe.
10 months ago, Savannah Bennett
Meals will be available for grab and go Monday - Thursday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at West Intermediate School. This service will be available up to August 28th, 2020.
10 months ago, Miguel A. Carrillo
Welcome to our new website!
10 months ago, Sutherlin School District
The 6:00 School Board work session has been canceled for tonight. We will have our regular School Board meeting at 7:00.
over 1 year ago, Sutherlin School District
Reviewing for a math test in Mr. Church's class today. West School students are engaged!
over 1 year ago, Sutherlin School District
Students reviewing math